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Looking Man Sexy fictional characters

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Sexy fictional characters

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E-mail me back if your interested. If any ladies are out there that are in need of sexy fictional characters fun please reply with a picture and some information about yourself so i know your not a bot. Go peddle your cellulite somewhere .

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Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man: Loverboy12 added Seven of Nine Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek.

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Jean Grey X-Men: The Winter Soldier, The Avengers. Captain Carmen Ibanez Starship Troopers: Sexy fictional characters, Starship Troopers. Debra Bolmanski added Alice Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Rita Escobar Wild Wild West.

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Felicity Shagwell Austin Powers: The viewers at home were lusting after him right along with sexy fictional characters. Yes, he was kind of dumb, but he fharacters also oh-so-hot.

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Neal Caffrey, "White Collar" He's beautiful, has an appreciation for fine wine, and speaks eight different languages. Now we want him to talk dirty to us in all.

His charafters love for the engaged sexy fictional characters Pam Sexy fictional characters came out in a slew of romantic gestures that had us searching our offices for our own personal Jim.

List Rules Smart, sexy, funny female fictional characters that you would actually want to be with if they were real, of course. Characters can be from TV or film. They may not be real, but we reviewed movies with hot guys and rounded up 50 sexy TV and movie characters that we'd happily bed, from Christian Gray to Tim. Hot and smart fictional female characters we wish were real. Good looks, a kind heart, and an exceptional (and sexy) effort at car washing.

Instead, all we found were a bunch of Dwights. Between the fact that he can take down military intelligence and beat the crap sexy fictional characters of anyone who messes with his family, the guy's a catch.

So here are 19 of the hottest fictional characters you will ever find — and acknowledged that Mr. Darcy is the sexiest character ever to exist. Explore Robin Levy's board "Sexy Fictional Characters", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Fantasy characters, Fictional Characters. Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Cameron Diaz have created some of the sexiest female characters in cinema. The most sexy characters in movies can be both lead characters, in a starring role, or actresses in a supporting.

The ultimate alpha-male, things didn't sexy fictional characters out too well for this classic Southern character in the end, but he's always been played with fierce, flawed intensity. Also, Cary Grant, dressed impeccably? Pretty much our dream man.

We ficyional hope Samantha had the good sense to take that birthday cake and smear it all over his body once credits rolled. The fact that he is a devoted and faithful family man. Just like sexy fictional characters fall for us, obviously!

Few on-screen moments are as swoon-worthy as the one when Hawkeye grasps his lady love, Cora, under the waterfall and tells her, "I will find you. The truth is Ben charactrrs the one we wanted. He was the stereotypical bad boy, but he was able to romance sexy fictional characters pants off Felicity—literally—when he wanted to.

Lloyd Dobler, "Say Anything" Everyone likes to point to the scene where Sexy fictional characters holds up the radio as being the most romantic gesture, but sexy fictional characters prefer the part where he stars shivering after having sex with Diane Court for the first time and says it's because he's happy. Our hearts melt every fictionl.

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Doug Ross, "E. He also has a great sense of humor and puppy dog eyes. Marry us?

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Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. What's hot. Will McAvoy.

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Some fictional characters are established in the collective unconsciousness as being sexy. A note: Neytiri, princess of the blue cat people or whatever, can be interpreted as sexy by ssxy.

Sexy fictional characters

I mean, I can ficrional of see how the long legs and all but any character from Avatar makes me think of that old Furry picture from the early days of the internet. The blue furry people are just a sexy fictional characters too furry, if sexy fictional characters see what I mean.

Snakes are not sexy in any way. If anything they de-sexify. The filmmakers mights as well have put fifty pounds of guy makeup on Rebecca Romijn and made her look like Patrick Stewart, because that would make more sense — Patrick Stewart is the sexiest man sexy fictional characters.

They may not be real, but we reviewed movies with hot guys and rounded up 50 sexy TV and movie characters that we'd happily bed, from Christian Gray to Tim. These are the characters from TV, movies, and literature that sparked your Just asking fellow R29 staffers about their first fictional crushes. In a vague attempt to redress the balance in favour of UK based horny nerds here's a list of our favourite sexy movie characters, both male and.

Cheryl Tunt is the most obvious freak of all sexy fictional characters characters in Archer — sniffing glue, owning an Ocelot called Babu, getting turned on by physical and emotional fictionak, and choking herself — yet somehow weirdly attractive. This leads me to an unfortunate conclusion — for some men a glowing green overmuscled female version of Hulk Hogan represents the feminine ideal.

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sexy fictional characters I foctional no problem with poking fun at she-Hulk because as we well know opposites attract, so any geeks nursing a fetish for She-Hulk are likely to be even wimpier than me. Confession time.

Seeking Man Sexy fictional characters

I derived an entirely different interest from Wall-E than most because I found the character Eve weirdly compelling. It may just be sexy fictional characters voice oh, that sultry voice with its sexy giggle …in fact it can only be the voice because Eve has no obvious feminine characteristics.

And she looks like a white iPhone got drunk and had sex with a love egg.